Dec 31, 2010

Happy "WOW" New Year!'s New Year's Eve! i'm going to celebrate it with Ivan. Soooo happy!! =)

Ok, i should make this blog post yesterday, but i'm tooooo lazy to post it. =P So, yesterday i received a package from Kotex (Kotex is one of Indonesian famous pads for woman ^^ ). A few months ago, i opened Kotex WOW's web. I tried to register for their free sample. They said for 1000 lucky customer, we'll got free sample from Kotex WOW. Aaaaaaanndddd...i'm 1 of those 1000 lucky customer! Yiiippiiiii... Here is what i got from Kotex WOW

Yesterday, i also went for shopping with my sister. We went to Grand Indonesia. After looked around for about 1 hour, we didn't get what we want. So we decided to go to Plaza Semanggi. -___-" I bought 2 blouses, belt and 2 pairs of shoes for my sister. Yups, 2 pairs of shoes for her! I promise to give her a gift at the end of year. =) it feels great if we can do something and bring happiness to someone we love. =D

Happy New Year!!! =D

xo - ratieh

Dec 26, 2010

Walking in the Venus Wonderland

Celebrating Christmas with Ivan's family is so fun! We went to Pacific Place and had dinner at Plaza Semanggi. hehe..

Before i show the pictures, i want to tell you that my UP shoes already here!! Actually it came on Friday, and i wore it on Christmas' Eve. =) It's Venus and i looooooveeeee it soooo much!

Happy Sunday and have a great day!

xo - ratieh

Dec 23, 2010

Snack of the day

Last week my boss..eerrr, actually he's not my boss. He's one of Japanese staff from Honda Motor Co., Ltd in Japan who's working in Indonesia right now as an advisor in my office. So i assisted him for all of his administration here. Last week he went to Bangkok. And when he came back to Indonesia, he brought me snack from Bangkok.

Here are some pictures of the snack =)
It's a biscuit stick with larb flavour. Larb is a type of meat salad in Laotian and Thailand. It tasted salty and slightly spicy. Well, not bad for my breakfast this morning. =)

Happy Thursday!

xo - ratieh

Dec 22, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

Today's a special day for all mother around the world. Because today we're celebrating Mother's day. Even though my mother has passed away, but there's nothing wrong if i say this

*flower's image from here

Ps : this blog post is dedicated to my beloved mom. =)

xoxo - ratieh

Dec 21, 2010

M.A.C Makeup Brush Giveaway

La la la...joining another giveaway.. Haaa! i loooooveee doing this! =P

Ok, this one is from Keisha's blog. I really really want to win this giveaway. So, here is the giveaway

Makeup brushes!! I want them all, i need them all.. =) There're some rules to join this giveaway. Here we go..

1. Follow her blog and leave a comment saying "Enter me!"
2. Make a blog post about her giveaway
3. Link her giveaway on your blog's sidebar
4. Tell her what you would like to see more on her blog

If you do number 2-4, then you'll get extra point from her. It's quite easy, right? So, let's join it girls!! =))

(again) Wish me luck!! =)

xoxo - ratieh

100 Followers Giveaway by Lalasworldxo ^^ i want to try my luck. =P Found this blog and she has a giveaway called "100 Followers Giveaway".  So i want to join her giveaway. ^^

Her giveaway is about M.A.C Lipstick. So, if you join her giveaway, and you're lucky, then you'll get this

To enter her giveaway, you just follow these steps :

1. follow her blog
2. give comment in her giveaway post and say "Enter me!"
3. make a post in your blog about her giveaway (just like what i'm doing now =D ) and also give your link to her
4. put her giveaway on your blog's sidebar (it must link back to her giveaway post)

Her giveaway will close on Friday, January 14th, 2011. It's so easy, right? So, what are you waiting for girls? Let's join it!! ^^ 
Wish me luck okay? *cross my fingers =P

xoxo - ratieh

Dec 20, 2010

My Christmas Check List

It's already December 20, it means 4 days before Christmas. Everybody has prepare everything needed for Christmas from the earlier of December. And how bout me? What have i prepared for Christmas? So, here is my Christmas check list...

1. Christmas tree [x]
Whaaaattt?!? Didn't have Christmas tree?? How can i celebrate Christmas without a Christmas tree? aaahh..i wish i could have Christmas tree like this

 but it's ok, because i have this little Christmas tree at my office desk. =D

2. Christmas decorations [x]

Nope!! There's NO Christmas decorations in my house. -__-" Okay, this week before Christmas, i have to buy some Christmas decoration. Yeah, i have to!!

3. Christmas cookies [v]

Ha! for this one i already prepared! =D i already bought a jar of chocolate candy and cheese stick from my office mate. I also asked my sister to buy some cookies. =))

4. Christmas gift [x]

Well, i have no tradition to do this one. But my office mates have an idea to have a cross gift. So, i have to prepare a gift. And now i lil' bit confuse what kind of gift would i buy? Sigh..
Talking about Christmas gift, this morning i received a gift from my office mate named Ms. Daniarti. Here are the pictures..^^
Hoo..i got a green purse! well, actually i don't like green. But since it's a gift, so i'd be glad to receive it. =) And she made a little note that says..
Dear : Ratih
"Merry Christmas 2010 and Happy New Year 2011.
Thank you for your cooperation for all this time"
Thank you so much Ms. Daniiii.. =D seems like i have no preparation for this Christmas. -___-" But who cares? The most important is i have to prepare myself and my heart to welcome Jesus. So, am i ready to welcome Jesus? Yes, of course!! And how bout you friends? Have you prepare yourself to welcome Jesus in your heart?

Happy Monday!


Dec 16, 2010

Time for Toys and Cheer

Feeling bored with my daily activities at office, now i want to sing a Christmas song. So, let's sing together!

Christmas, Christmas time is near,
Time for toys and time for cheer.
We've been good, but we can't last,
Hurry Christmas, hurry fast.
Want a plane that loops the loop,
Me, i want a hula-hoops
We can hardly stand the wait,
Please Christmas don't be late..

-Alvin and The Chipmunks-
image from here
Happy Thursday! ^^


Dec 15, 2010

Still Waiting..

You know that i have a BIG passion of shoes! I like all kind of shoes, esp high heels and flat shoes. I have some of them now, well not so many, just 15 pairs of shoes right now (it's gonna be 16 pairs actually ^^). Now i'm awaiting shoes from online shoes shop called UP. It's one of hand-made local shoes brand by Diana Rikasari, one of my fave Indonesian blogger. =) She's known as a famous fashion blogger in Indonesia. Because of her passion to shoes, then she launched her own shoes brand on last 1st December. When it's finally launched, i directly go to the link she gave. And whooaaa...all of her shoes are just like what i want and looking for!

See, those shoes are so cute, right? First black wedges called Venus, i already ordered it a few days ago.  I chose it, so that i can wear it to my office anytime. =D And the next 3 shoes..i also want them all! Yay! i'll buy them soon. ^^ Because those shoes are a hand-made shoes, so i have to be patient to wait around 2 weeks.

And oh, the most interesting from her online shoes shop is she will donate IDR 5.000,- for charity for every pair shoes that we purchase. So, the more you buy the more money you donate. =D

Happy shopping gals!

Dec 8, 2010


Remember my plan for the up coming holiday? If don't, check it here.. Well, now i have to change all of them! I have new big plan! What's that? Hmm..i would  RENOVATE my (father's) house! That's where i live from my childhood. And actually, my dad had a plan to sell it. But there're many memories in that house, so i prefer to renovate the house. And since to renovate the house, need a huge amount of money, i'll try my best to get those money.

Oh God, this is my Christmas wish for this year. I can only try my best and pray. Hope i can get enough money to renovate the house. I know that You will help me, and You'll never leave me. Just like what people says 

"Do your best and let God do the rest"
 I will and always believe in God, so i will never give up! I hope this Christmas i'll get a lot of blessings and good fortune.Amen! Ganbatte ne!! \(^0^)/


Dec 3, 2010

This is My December

This is my December, this is my time of the year.. (song lyric by Linkin Park)

It's already December and i'm so excited! Why? Because we're getting closer to Christmas and also New Year. And the second reason is because i'll get a huge amount of money this end of year. Wohoooo!! So, what am i going to do for this Christmas and also holiday with those money? Actually, i really2 want to go out of town. Almost of this year, i haven't had a real holiday. Poor me. *sigh..

Ok, let's move on. i already made a list for this December, and here we go :
# buy new notebook
# buy some pairs of shoes. already bought a pair of wedges, and i still want more, more and more! =P
# get ready for Christmas, buy some cookies and Christmas' decorations. i'm so excited for this one
# go out with my sister and friends
# buy some clothes & trousers
# buy some lil' stuff..
# still thinking to spend New Year's Eve with Ivan
# keep the rest of my money =D

Oh my...there're a lot of things i want to buy! i have to manage it. i have to keep my money and preparing my wedding plan. =)

Last but not least..let's get ready for shopping!! Yipppiii..


Nov 30, 2010

Spicy Birthday Dinner

Hullaa...i think it's a lil' bit late to post about this. Last Sunday was my beloved father's birthday. My sister & i planned to have dinner to celebrate our father's birthday. So, on Sunday evening we went to Mbah Jingkrak. One of famous Javanese restaurant, located in Setiabudi. I also asked Ivan to join the dinner, and my sister came together with her husband. Unfortunately, my "step" mother can't join, because she's living in Bogor now and there's a heavy rain at that time.

Actually, Mbah Jingkrak is my fave restaurant. We (me & Ivan) often go to that restaurant. Although it's a Javanese restaurant, but most of their menu are spicy. My fave menu is ayam rambut setan. it would be "devil's hair chicken" if you translate it into English.  What a scary name, right? But that's what attracted the attention and make people curious to try the food at the restaurants.  

What can i say here was a very delightful night with a very delicious food. =) Love you so much dad!

ps : i forgot to transfer my photos from my camera. so i'll put them here later. =P


Nov 25, 2010

The Huskies

You know that i looooovveee dog so much! And for now i have 2 cute dogs. But i have another dream dog. One day i must have this kind of dog. Ivan likes this dog too. So, this is our dream dog

Siberian Husky

They're so cuuuutteee!! I like theri eyes, because they can have different color between right and left eyes. Is there anyone who would like to give those dog to me for free??  Pleaseeeee.. =))

Nov 23, 2010

Busy Bossy

Today i'm quite busy at office. As a secretary, i have to prepare everything needed for the meeting. Tomorrow we'll have a very important meeting. Suddenly, my boss asked me to book a meeting room. I thought that he'll use meeting room that already  been booked before, but he changed his mind. -__-" Thanks God i got the meeting room he wants. Tomorrow i have to arrange the room setting and everything needed for the meeting.

I hope everything's gonna done perfectly tomorrow. =)

Night all! ^^

Nov 22, 2010

Knock-knock..-mslostinlove's 1st giveaway-

I just saw Irene's blog from Fake Smile. She has her 1st giveaway and i'm so interested to join in. So, here is the giveaway

The bag is so cute! i haven't had a bag like that yet. So i want it so much! =) Come and  join her giveaway girls! don't you want that cute bag too, do you?

Well, wish me luck ok! =P


Nov 19, 2010

- blue -

Today's color theme is blue! Yups, i like blue sooooo much. Blue like blue sky and Doraemon's color. hehe..

This is what i wore today in office =)

I wore .CYON. blouse, the color is light blue denim. I looooovveee it. And oh, i also wore blue nail color from the Face Shop. Match with my blouse, right? ^^

Happy Friday gals!! =D

Cutest Furry Couples

Since my big sister has her own house, now i live only with my lovely father. Feeling lonely? Of course not, because we have them! They're always there beside me, watching TV, follow me wherever i go. I love them so much.

Who are they? Ok, i'll introduce them to all of you..^^

Proudly Present
The Cutest Furry Couples in the World! =D 
Coggie - the King of the House

 Denna - the Queen of the House

See, they're very cute right? wooff..wooofff.. ^^  


Uhuk uhuuukk..i have no internet connection for 2 days!  -__-" I have no idea for the title of this article. *, just check it out gals..=P

Hmm, ok..Last Wednesday, i went to Kelapa Gading Mall with my oldest sister. She said that she was getting bored at home, so she asked me to go out with her. It's holiday, so why not? And lucky me, i got all of these stuff from her. Yipppiii.. =))

Mango clutch bag, the Face Shop nail color, Natural Beauty body spray

Thank you so much my lovely sister!! =D

Nov 8, 2010

From Padang to Sunda Kelapa Harbour

As usual, i spent my weekend (esp on Sunday) with my BF Ivan. And yesterday, we spent the day at Sunda Kelapa Harbour. Before we went there, we had lunch at Mak Syukur. Sate Padang is one of our fave food. =)

Sate Padang & Ice Lemon Tea..uummm yummy!

After lunch, we decided to go to Sunda Kelapa Harbour. I have prepared my digital camera too, so i can take pictures there.

Here are some pictures i taken over there.. =D

The day was late, and we were getting ready to go home. On the way to home, we stopped at Mangga Besar. Suddenly, i want to eat durian. So, i bought 2 Durian Medan and i'll eat it all alone. haha... i coomeeee!!! =D