Dec 20, 2010

My Christmas Check List

It's already December 20, it means 4 days before Christmas. Everybody has prepare everything needed for Christmas from the earlier of December. And how bout me? What have i prepared for Christmas? So, here is my Christmas check list...

1. Christmas tree [x]
Whaaaattt?!? Didn't have Christmas tree?? How can i celebrate Christmas without a Christmas tree? aaahh..i wish i could have Christmas tree like this

 but it's ok, because i have this little Christmas tree at my office desk. =D

2. Christmas decorations [x]

Nope!! There's NO Christmas decorations in my house. -__-" Okay, this week before Christmas, i have to buy some Christmas decoration. Yeah, i have to!!

3. Christmas cookies [v]

Ha! for this one i already prepared! =D i already bought a jar of chocolate candy and cheese stick from my office mate. I also asked my sister to buy some cookies. =))

4. Christmas gift [x]

Well, i have no tradition to do this one. But my office mates have an idea to have a cross gift. So, i have to prepare a gift. And now i lil' bit confuse what kind of gift would i buy? Sigh..
Talking about Christmas gift, this morning i received a gift from my office mate named Ms. Daniarti. Here are the pictures..^^
Hoo..i got a green purse! well, actually i don't like green. But since it's a gift, so i'd be glad to receive it. =) And she made a little note that says..
Dear : Ratih
"Merry Christmas 2010 and Happy New Year 2011.
Thank you for your cooperation for all this time"
Thank you so much Ms. Daniiii.. =D seems like i have no preparation for this Christmas. -___-" But who cares? The most important is i have to prepare myself and my heart to welcome Jesus. So, am i ready to welcome Jesus? Yes, of course!! And how bout you friends? Have you prepare yourself to welcome Jesus in your heart?

Happy Monday!



yhosie said...

dear ratih ...

im soooo in love with ur small tree on ur desk! 1000% in love... :D
i always want to have a christmas tree when i was a kid ,.. that is why after being babtism. i run to the nearest store and got one hahahha

have a joyful christmas!
xoxo.. yhosie

ratieh said...

@ Yhosie : oh, it was really so much fun when you're decorating your Christmas tree. Next year maybe i'll buy a new one for my home. =) bout my little Christmas tree, i bought it last year at Gramedia book store. ^^

HanShinta said...

Love the small tree, girl! =) Btw, tradisi2 itu semua ada di sini tuh..ayo ayo ke sini. hihi

Catherine said...

I like your office Christmas tree ~ it is very cute! Don't worry about not having any Christmas decorations in your home. You can still celebrate Christmas ~ since you have cookies! :)
xo Catherine

aisaicha said...

aww happy christmas ratih :) eventho i'm not celebrating, i always love the atmosphere of christmas. i hope u could have the best celebration in this year xxx

p.s i'm your new follower :D

ratieh said...

@ ce Shinta : Haaa...i'd love to go to Faroe! but for the accomodation, would you please pay it for me?? hehe.. =P

@ Catherine : yeah, that's true. as long as i have Christmas cookies, i can still celebrate Christmas. =P

ratieh said...

@ Aisaicha : hi there! yeah, i hope so. =) thanks for visiting & following my blog..