Nov 30, 2010

Spicy Birthday Dinner

Hullaa...i think it's a lil' bit late to post about this. Last Sunday was my beloved father's birthday. My sister & i planned to have dinner to celebrate our father's birthday. So, on Sunday evening we went to Mbah Jingkrak. One of famous Javanese restaurant, located in Setiabudi. I also asked Ivan to join the dinner, and my sister came together with her husband. Unfortunately, my "step" mother can't join, because she's living in Bogor now and there's a heavy rain at that time.

Actually, Mbah Jingkrak is my fave restaurant. We (me & Ivan) often go to that restaurant. Although it's a Javanese restaurant, but most of their menu are spicy. My fave menu is ayam rambut setan. it would be "devil's hair chicken" if you translate it into English.  What a scary name, right? But that's what attracted the attention and make people curious to try the food at the restaurants.  

What can i say here was a very delightful night with a very delicious food. =) Love you so much dad!

ps : i forgot to transfer my photos from my camera. so i'll put them here later. =P


Nov 25, 2010

The Huskies

You know that i looooovveee dog so much! And for now i have 2 cute dogs. But i have another dream dog. One day i must have this kind of dog. Ivan likes this dog too. So, this is our dream dog

Siberian Husky

They're so cuuuutteee!! I like theri eyes, because they can have different color between right and left eyes. Is there anyone who would like to give those dog to me for free??  Pleaseeeee.. =))

Nov 23, 2010

Busy Bossy

Today i'm quite busy at office. As a secretary, i have to prepare everything needed for the meeting. Tomorrow we'll have a very important meeting. Suddenly, my boss asked me to book a meeting room. I thought that he'll use meeting room that already  been booked before, but he changed his mind. -__-" Thanks God i got the meeting room he wants. Tomorrow i have to arrange the room setting and everything needed for the meeting.

I hope everything's gonna done perfectly tomorrow. =)

Night all! ^^

Nov 22, 2010

Knock-knock..-mslostinlove's 1st giveaway-

I just saw Irene's blog from Fake Smile. She has her 1st giveaway and i'm so interested to join in. So, here is the giveaway

The bag is so cute! i haven't had a bag like that yet. So i want it so much! =) Come and  join her giveaway girls! don't you want that cute bag too, do you?

Well, wish me luck ok! =P


Nov 19, 2010

- blue -

Today's color theme is blue! Yups, i like blue sooooo much. Blue like blue sky and Doraemon's color. hehe..

This is what i wore today in office =)

I wore .CYON. blouse, the color is light blue denim. I looooovveee it. And oh, i also wore blue nail color from the Face Shop. Match with my blouse, right? ^^

Happy Friday gals!! =D

Cutest Furry Couples

Since my big sister has her own house, now i live only with my lovely father. Feeling lonely? Of course not, because we have them! They're always there beside me, watching TV, follow me wherever i go. I love them so much.

Who are they? Ok, i'll introduce them to all of you..^^

Proudly Present
The Cutest Furry Couples in the World! =D 
Coggie - the King of the House

 Denna - the Queen of the House

See, they're very cute right? wooff..wooofff.. ^^  


Uhuk uhuuukk..i have no internet connection for 2 days!  -__-" I have no idea for the title of this article. *, just check it out gals..=P

Hmm, ok..Last Wednesday, i went to Kelapa Gading Mall with my oldest sister. She said that she was getting bored at home, so she asked me to go out with her. It's holiday, so why not? And lucky me, i got all of these stuff from her. Yipppiii.. =))

Mango clutch bag, the Face Shop nail color, Natural Beauty body spray

Thank you so much my lovely sister!! =D

Nov 8, 2010

From Padang to Sunda Kelapa Harbour

As usual, i spent my weekend (esp on Sunday) with my BF Ivan. And yesterday, we spent the day at Sunda Kelapa Harbour. Before we went there, we had lunch at Mak Syukur. Sate Padang is one of our fave food. =)

Sate Padang & Ice Lemon Tea..uummm yummy!

After lunch, we decided to go to Sunda Kelapa Harbour. I have prepared my digital camera too, so i can take pictures there.

Here are some pictures i taken over there.. =D

The day was late, and we were getting ready to go home. On the way to home, we stopped at Mangga Besar. Suddenly, i want to eat durian. So, i bought 2 Durian Medan and i'll eat it all alone. haha... i coomeeee!!! =D

Nov 5, 2010

Sweet November

Today, one of my lovely friend Thata is celebrating her 24th birthday. I think this month gonna be a very special month for her. Besides her birthday, she will getting married on November 14. Yay!! Congratulation for you my dear! =)

l-r : Lia, Thata, Me and mba Iis

 l-r : Dova, Me, Thata and Lia