Nov 25, 2010

The Huskies

You know that i looooovveee dog so much! And for now i have 2 cute dogs. But i have another dream dog. One day i must have this kind of dog. Ivan likes this dog too. So, this is our dream dog

Siberian Husky

They're so cuuuutteee!! I like theri eyes, because they can have different color between right and left eyes. Is there anyone who would like to give those dog to me for free??  Pleaseeeee.. =))


AnaGuska said...

ihhh mau juga...tapi sussah ngrawat di indo :) secara disini pnas, bulunya gampang rontok

yhosie said...

love them toooooo!!!

but i love golden retriever more, since they'r so friendly and nice :D

but i will accept siberian too if anyone would give me one :D

cute dooggss!!

PS : are they really can have different eye colours? wow cool!

ratieh said...

@mba Ana : iya sih mba. tp aku sering liat kok orang yg punya husky, bagus2 aja mba. tergantung gmn ngerawat'a jg x ya mba.. =)

@Yhoshie : ahh, golden retriever is my fave too! yups, they can have different eye colors. it's really cool, right?

Catherine said...

These puppies are adorable! I can understand why you would want one. :)

Thank you for visiting and following my blog ~ now I am following you!

Happy Monday!
xo Catherine

ratieh said...

@Catherine : yaaaa..i really2 want to have them!

and thanks for stopping by. ^^

Dorothy Souhuwat said...

cute fav dog is siberian husky too..