Nov 19, 2010

- blue -

Today's color theme is blue! Yups, i like blue sooooo much. Blue like blue sky and Doraemon's color. hehe..

This is what i wore today in office =)

I wore .CYON. blouse, the color is light blue denim. I looooovveee it. And oh, i also wore blue nail color from the Face Shop. Match with my blouse, right? ^^

Happy Friday gals!! =D


Dorothy Souhuwat said...

nice blouse and cute pattern

wanna exchange link??

lovelyanci said...

cantik banget padanan birunya rat...hmm...tapi gk bikin feeling blue kan ? :D

yhosie said...

hi ratieh ...
exchange link ? sure ...
mine is-->

nice dress

ratieh said...

@Dorothy : thanks! i've put your link in my blog. So, put mine too ok?

@mba Yanci : dunk mba, feeling colorfull malah. =P

@Yhosie : thank you dear.. ^^