Mar 25, 2010

a note to Mom

Dear Mother,

Hi mom, how are you in heaven?

Are you happy there?

Mom, do you know how much I miss you?

Do you know how much I love you?

It has been a long time ago since I didn’t see and meet you

I even almost forgot your face.

I’ve grown up now and everything is ok with me mom…

Mom, now I finally found the man of my dreams

He’s kind and love me so much

Mom…I really want you to be present at my wedding day

but how could I make that happen?

You’re too far away from me and you’ll be happier in heaven

But it’s ok mom..

I believe that you’ll always pray for us so we were happy forever and ever

Mom, thank you for everything that you gave to me..

Love you mom…


Mar 24, 2010

True Love

“Love is like a mountain,
hard to climb,
but once you get to the top
the view is beautiful”

- Daniel Monroe Tuttle –

It’s hard to find your true love,
But when you finally found your true love,
You’ll feel in love every second of it..
And it happened to me!
Love you soo much honey.. ^x^


Mar 22, 2010

Engkau Mendengar

Engkau Mendengar

(Batak version duet w/ Dewi Guna)

Dung hubege I soara nai,
Patar ni janjiMi
Ditogu do ahu didalanhi,
Tung so na lilu be au.
Dipatudu ho haulionMi sombu arsakhi
Sangap marmulia jala taruli ahu…
*) Ai dibege Ho bagas rohakki
Ahu parroha na gale.
Dipalomos Ho parukkilon hi
Gok asi roham oh Tuhan…dingolukki….

Thank you God for answering my prayers,

Thank you God for sending and giving him to me,

He mean so much to me…

And I will always love him forever and ever.

Love u,


Mar 18, 2010

Aku tahu

Aku tahu..

Kamu selalu ada untuk ku setiap saat aku membutuhkan mu

Aku tahu…

Kamu mau melakukan apa saja untuk ku

Aku tahu…

Kamu terkadang lelah dan kesal menghadapi semua tingkah laku ku

Dan aku tahu…

Kamu tak kan pernah melepaskan ku

Terima kasih untuk kamu yang selalu mencitai ku


Mar 17, 2010

And the story goes

This is the story of how we knew and met each other.

About 5 years ago, we met from one of famous radio show. I got my number been announced on the radio, and then this guy sent me a message. That is how we knew each other. Around a week we kept contact by sms, and finally we decided to meet for the first time at Plaza Semanggi. I thought that from that moment, I’m fallin’ in love at the first sight with this guy. And so he was.. ^^

The day after our first met, he expressed his feeling to me by sms. He said that he love me and want me to be his girlfriend. On the next day, I answered his question by sms too.. it’s very unromantic right?

10 October 2004..

Yeah, it’s the date when we started to get our commitment together.

day by day, and year by year we spent our time together with a lot of sweet and sad stories..

Without any doubt in our heart any more, now we are ready to go one step forward for our relationship. Yes, you’re right.. it is a wedding!!

So, please keep update and sign our guest book. and do not hesitate to give any comment about it..