Feb 25, 2011

Happy Scrapbooking!

Scrapbooking..yups, that's what i did lately. First time i know about scrapbook is from my lovely sister ce Shinta. I learned a lot from her. And today i made a birthday card for my friend named Lia.

 Happy birthday to you dear!
Love ya.. *hugs*


Feb 24, 2011

Triple 10

These last few days i am very busy with my job at office. A lot of things to do, a lot of documents to be signed by my bosses. And finally, on the sidelines of my hectic day, i can finish my scrapbook page. =D

The pictures above were taken on our 6th Anniversary, which is on October 10, 2010. That's why i call it "Triple 10". =P Oh, i use "Honey, Wine & Milk" scrapbook kit from Lily of the Field Designs, also combined with some of scrapbook kit from Shabby Princess. I think i'll make more, more and more scrapbook page. Because it was so fun! =)


Feb 21, 2011

Happy Birthday Kak Dami!

I just wanna say Happy Birthday to Kak Dami. Yay!! She is Ivan's second sister. And i made this cute card for her. Hope you like it kak! =D


Happy Monday all! ^^

Feb 13, 2011

For You, ce Shinta and Indonesia

Now i want to introduce you to one of my lovely sister named Shinta. I called her ce Shinta. I met her when i joined to a weddingku website contest. And guess what? She won the first place! Yay!! She has a very amazing love story. If you want to know more about her, then just go to her blog here.

Oh, now she has another blog called Lily of the Field Designs. She is a very creative person, and she loves to make a scrapbook page. That's why she made this blog. And she gave us a free scrapbook kits to be downloaded. =D

I already downloaded one called Bagimu Indonesia, or For you, Indonesia in English. It's very cute! I also change my blog header using her scrapbook kit. What do you think? If you want it too, then hurry up go to her scrapbook blog and download it. Because it's only available until February 20!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Ps : Thank you ce Shinta for the cute scrapbook kit. =)

Feb 10, 2011

Test My Signature

nothing to write
i just wanna try my own signature ^^
what do you think? =D


Feb 9, 2011

Sayonara Nakanose san!

Yesterday i was invited to a farewell dinner of one of my Japanese advisor. His name is Mr. Nakanose. He is very nice person, humble and has a great willingness to learn Indonesian. That's why he's the only one Japanese staff who can speak Indonesian very well. =)

As a gift for him from me and my friends, we bought a soccer T-shirt. Here is his picture with the shirt. =D

Bye bye Nakanose san..
We'll miss you so much!

xo - ratieh

I want Chocolate!

Got a box of chocolate from my Japanese boss. =D
It's sooo delicious and yummy!!
Thank you boss, you really know what i like! =P
Have a nice day.. ^^

xo - ratieh

Feb 7, 2011

Wake Me Up Pleaseee..

My bad habits in the morning is i CAN'T wake up by myself! Usually my dad woke me up at 5.30 in the morning. And today, i woke up at 7! Since my office will start at 7.30, it means that i only have 30 minutes to prepare everything! -____-" When i woke up and looked at my clock it's already 7 a.m., i immediately jumped out of bed. Consequently, i was late coming to office for about 15 minutes. Sigh..

A few days ago, my dad started to have a therapy for his health. He went out from 5 o'clock. He always said that i have to wake up by myself and don't be lazy to wake up in the morning. Ok, i have alarm from my mobile phone, but i didn't hear it at all! I know that i have to buy an alarm clock. Well, i used to have one, but it was broken. =P

I have a promise to myself, that i won't be late come to office anymore for this year. But i failed! Ok, tomorrow i have to wake up earlier. Yeah, it's a must! =D

Happy Monday friends!

xo - ratieh

Feb 2, 2011

Flowery Day

Got a dried flowers from Dova (my office mate), and i put them in the little cute vase. Oh, i made the vase by myself from a bottle cap. =)

with light
[close up pic]
 it's dried rose.
for the purple flowers...err, i don't know what kind of flowers it is? =P

 i put it on my office desk. it's cute, right? =D

Tomorrow is Chinese New Year and it's holiday! Yipppiii.. \(^0^)/

Have a nice day!
xo - ratieh