Feb 7, 2011

Wake Me Up Pleaseee..

My bad habits in the morning is i CAN'T wake up by myself! Usually my dad woke me up at 5.30 in the morning. And today, i woke up at 7! Since my office will start at 7.30, it means that i only have 30 minutes to prepare everything! -____-" When i woke up and looked at my clock it's already 7 a.m., i immediately jumped out of bed. Consequently, i was late coming to office for about 15 minutes. Sigh..

A few days ago, my dad started to have a therapy for his health. He went out from 5 o'clock. He always said that i have to wake up by myself and don't be lazy to wake up in the morning. Ok, i have alarm from my mobile phone, but i didn't hear it at all! I know that i have to buy an alarm clock. Well, i used to have one, but it was broken. =P

I have a promise to myself, that i won't be late come to office anymore for this year. But i failed! Ok, tomorrow i have to wake up earlier. Yeah, it's a must! =D

Happy Monday friends!

xo - ratieh


yhosie said...

lucky i have alarm in my head,...
i lend you mine sometimes lol


Catherine said...

Tomorrow is always a new day to try again! :)
Good luck!
xo Catherine