Feb 9, 2011

I want Chocolate!

Got a box of chocolate from my Japanese boss. =D
It's sooo delicious and yummy!!
Thank you boss, you really know what i like! =P
Have a nice day.. ^^

xo - ratieh


Catherine said...

mmmmm....chocolate.... always a crowd pleaser!!! Yum!

Don't eat them all at once! :)

xo Catherine

Betsy from Tennessee said...

How nice... You must have a great boss, Ratieh. I love chocolates also!!!!! Enjoy one for ME please... ha

YHOSIE said...


ratieh said...

@Catherine : of course i won't eat them all at once, or i'll get a stomacache! =P

@Betsy : ok, i'll share my chocolate with you! =)

@Yhosie : yum yuuumm..