Feb 2, 2011

Flowery Day

Got a dried flowers from Dova (my office mate), and i put them in the little cute vase. Oh, i made the vase by myself from a bottle cap. =)

with light
[close up pic]
 it's dried rose.
for the purple flowers...err, i don't know what kind of flowers it is? =P

 i put it on my office desk. it's cute, right? =D

Tomorrow is Chinese New Year and it's holiday! Yipppiii.. \(^0^)/

Have a nice day!
xo - ratieh


Catherine said...

How wonderful to have an office friend that brings you such pretty things to brighten your desk!

Happy Chinese New Year ratieh!
xo Catherine

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Happy Chinese New Year....

Beautiful flower arrangement, Ratieh. Thanks for sharing.