Nov 30, 2010

Spicy Birthday Dinner

Hullaa...i think it's a lil' bit late to post about this. Last Sunday was my beloved father's birthday. My sister & i planned to have dinner to celebrate our father's birthday. So, on Sunday evening we went to Mbah Jingkrak. One of famous Javanese restaurant, located in Setiabudi. I also asked Ivan to join the dinner, and my sister came together with her husband. Unfortunately, my "step" mother can't join, because she's living in Bogor now and there's a heavy rain at that time.

Actually, Mbah Jingkrak is my fave restaurant. We (me & Ivan) often go to that restaurant. Although it's a Javanese restaurant, but most of their menu are spicy. My fave menu is ayam rambut setan. it would be "devil's hair chicken" if you translate it into English.  What a scary name, right? But that's what attracted the attention and make people curious to try the food at the restaurants.  

What can i say here was a very delightful night with a very delicious food. =) Love you so much dad!

ps : i forgot to transfer my photos from my camera. so i'll put them here later. =P



Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Ratieh, Thanks so much for coming to my blog. Please come back anytime and I'll keep coming to yours.

Happy Birthday (last Sunday) to your father... That restaurant sounds intriguing... Glad you went and I'll bet that all of you enjoyed it.

Have a great day.

ratieh said...

yes, of course. we enjoyed it so much. and thanks so much for stopping by. ^^

Catherine said...

Hope you all had a lovely evening out ~ I love spicy food! :)
xo Catherine

Haddock said...

wonder what are the specialities of the Javanese restaurant.

ratieh said...

@ Catherine : yes, we are. so do i! =)

@ Haddock : you want to know the specialities of Javanese restaurant? hmm..most of their menu is tastes sweet. the atmosphere is very calm. and while you eating there, you can hear Javanese traditional music called gamelan. =) btw, thx for stopping by. ^^

yhosie said...

hi ratieh ..

thank you for stopping by
btw,.. im curious with AYAM RAMBUT SETAN! hahaha..
i'd love to try it someday when i go to jakarta ...

hmmm.. seems yummy
i love spicy foods

ratieh said...

@Yhosie : have to try it! it tastes very delicious! i bet you'll like the atmosphere there. ^^

Romantic Dinner said...

First I congratulate on your birthday and then will say that please come back we also go to your favorite restaurant for the dinner on your next birthday.