Dec 3, 2010

This is My December

This is my December, this is my time of the year.. (song lyric by Linkin Park)

It's already December and i'm so excited! Why? Because we're getting closer to Christmas and also New Year. And the second reason is because i'll get a huge amount of money this end of year. Wohoooo!! So, what am i going to do for this Christmas and also holiday with those money? Actually, i really2 want to go out of town. Almost of this year, i haven't had a real holiday. Poor me. *sigh..

Ok, let's move on. i already made a list for this December, and here we go :
# buy new notebook
# buy some pairs of shoes. already bought a pair of wedges, and i still want more, more and more! =P
# get ready for Christmas, buy some cookies and Christmas' decorations. i'm so excited for this one
# go out with my sister and friends
# buy some clothes & trousers
# buy some lil' stuff..
# still thinking to spend New Year's Eve with Ivan
# keep the rest of my money =D

Oh my...there're a lot of things i want to buy! i have to manage it. i have to keep my money and preparing my wedding plan. =)

Last but not least..let's get ready for shopping!! Yipppiii..



lovelyanci said...

waaahh asiknya bisa memanage holiday money :D
happy shopping dearest ratih (feel your happinest too)

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Ratieh, Looks like you have all of that money spent already..... Some advice from an OLD lady: 1. Save some --put into the bank into savings for the future; and 2. Give some to the poor and needy....

My mother used to tell me that IF I gave some of my money to those in need, that the rest of my money would go farther... AND--it always worked!!!!! AND--it felt good helping someone else.

Also--since I am old and am retired, I am SO glad that hubby and I put away money all through the years (starting when we were young like you) for retirement. We now are retired and so thankful that we have money to live on---and can really ENJOY life now....

WORK HARD and SAVE... it will pay off in the end...


ratieh said...

@mba Yanci : hihi..i have to manage it. and i also have to avoid shopping unimportant things!

@ Mrs. Betsy : ah yes, of course. i have to give some of money to the poor & needy. i don't forget about that. thanks so much for your advice Mrs. Betsy. =)

Catherine said...

Wedding plans! That will be very fun. But of course, it's always good to buy yourself a little treat now and then too! :)

xo Catherine

Dorothy Souhuwat said...

i already added ur link in my blog..thx and keep in touch