Dec 8, 2010


Remember my plan for the up coming holiday? If don't, check it here.. Well, now i have to change all of them! I have new big plan! What's that? Hmm..i would  RENOVATE my (father's) house! That's where i live from my childhood. And actually, my dad had a plan to sell it. But there're many memories in that house, so i prefer to renovate the house. And since to renovate the house, need a huge amount of money, i'll try my best to get those money.

Oh God, this is my Christmas wish for this year. I can only try my best and pray. Hope i can get enough money to renovate the house. I know that You will help me, and You'll never leave me. Just like what people says 

"Do your best and let God do the rest"
 I will and always believe in God, so i will never give up! I hope this Christmas i'll get a lot of blessings and good fortune.Amen! Ganbatte ne!! \(^0^)/



Betsy from Tennessee said...

Well--I guess we all 'pray' for money at one time or another... I hope you get it --and renovating the old homeplace would be GREAT. My Mom sold our homeplace before she moved near my brothers in Florida... Wish I could have bought the old home since I still miss it so much. Good Luck.

Bobbi said...

I hope it all works out well! How nice to renovate your father's house.

ratieh said...

@ Betsy : that's why i don't want to sell it. too much memories in the house.

@ Bobbi : hi, thx for stopping by and please do comeback anytime. =D