Dec 22, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

Today's a special day for all mother around the world. Because today we're celebrating Mother's day. Even though my mother has passed away, but there's nothing wrong if i say this

*flower's image from here

Ps : this blog post is dedicated to my beloved mom. =)

xoxo - ratieh


yhosie said...

i believe she smile at you rite now!

XoXo ...

HanShinta said...

Happy mother's day. Agreed with yhosie..she is smiling at your right now =)

Catherine said...

Happy Mother's Day! (Our Mother's Day is in May), but I think all mother's should be celebrated every day, whether they are with us or have passed on. Mother's are special!
xo Catherine

Haddock said...

I am sure your mother will be smiling from above.