Dec 15, 2010

Still Waiting..

You know that i have a BIG passion of shoes! I like all kind of shoes, esp high heels and flat shoes. I have some of them now, well not so many, just 15 pairs of shoes right now (it's gonna be 16 pairs actually ^^). Now i'm awaiting shoes from online shoes shop called UP. It's one of hand-made local shoes brand by Diana Rikasari, one of my fave Indonesian blogger. =) She's known as a famous fashion blogger in Indonesia. Because of her passion to shoes, then she launched her own shoes brand on last 1st December. When it's finally launched, i directly go to the link she gave. And whooaaa...all of her shoes are just like what i want and looking for!

See, those shoes are so cute, right? First black wedges called Venus, i already ordered it a few days ago.  I chose it, so that i can wear it to my office anytime. =D And the next 3 shoes..i also want them all! Yay! i'll buy them soon. ^^ Because those shoes are a hand-made shoes, so i have to be patient to wait around 2 weeks.

And oh, the most interesting from her online shoes shop is she will donate IDR 5.000,- for charity for every pair shoes that we purchase. So, the more you buy the more money you donate. =D

Happy shopping gals!


Catherine said...

Those are sure some fancy shoes! I've never really been a shoe person ~ I am more of a purse person. I love purses!

I hope your new shoes get delivered soon! :)
xo Catherine

ratieh said...

@ Catherine : yeah, i can't hardly wait for my new shoes! oh, i like purse too, but not that much. =P

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Cute shoes, Ratieh.... I used to have alot more pairs of shoes than I do now. Being retired has changed my wardrobe completely. Now it's just shorts and tennis shoes in the summer and sweatsuits and boots in the winter.. ha ha ..... But--when I was your age, I also loved shoes.

Diana Rikasari said...

Waaaahhh aku baru bacaaaa...makasi banyak yahhhh...terharuuu...thank you for your support all these times...really really appreciate it...happy blogging! :)

ratieh said...

@ Betsy : every women does love shoes, right? =)

@ Diana : fave blogger is here! thanks so much Di! i looooovveeee your shoes!! =D