Dec 31, 2010

Happy "WOW" New Year!'s New Year's Eve! i'm going to celebrate it with Ivan. Soooo happy!! =)

Ok, i should make this blog post yesterday, but i'm tooooo lazy to post it. =P So, yesterday i received a package from Kotex (Kotex is one of Indonesian famous pads for woman ^^ ). A few months ago, i opened Kotex WOW's web. I tried to register for their free sample. They said for 1000 lucky customer, we'll got free sample from Kotex WOW. Aaaaaaanndddd...i'm 1 of those 1000 lucky customer! Yiiippiiiii... Here is what i got from Kotex WOW

Yesterday, i also went for shopping with my sister. We went to Grand Indonesia. After looked around for about 1 hour, we didn't get what we want. So we decided to go to Plaza Semanggi. -___-" I bought 2 blouses, belt and 2 pairs of shoes for my sister. Yups, 2 pairs of shoes for her! I promise to give her a gift at the end of year. =) it feels great if we can do something and bring happiness to someone we love. =D

Happy New Year!!! =D

xo - ratieh

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