Jan 4, 2011

New Year = Bad Luck

Aaaaarrrgghhh!!! Why this new year brings a lot of bad luck to me!! One of my bad luck is...i got CHICKENPOX! So, yesterday is my first day back to office in the new year. In the morning, after i took a bath, i saw some small red spots on my body. I thought it just red spots, and nothing wrong with that.

When i arrived at office, i saw new red spot on my hand. I asked my friend what kind of red spot is that. She said that it's chickenpox. Are you kidding me? But how? She suggested me to go to the doctor in our office. So, i went to meet doctor. I told him that i have some small red spots on my body. He checked it, and he said.... "Yes, it's chickenpox". 

In the evening, i decided to go to another doctor just to make sure it's chickenpox or not. The second doctor also said that it's chickenpox. I don't know when, where and how it's happen to me. Well ok, i got chickenpox and i can't avoid it. Now i have to take a rest for 3 days. On Thursday, i'll go to doctor again just to check my chickenpox.

Oh, for this post, i won't take my picture with chickenpox. =P I just hope and pray that i can get well soon, and can go to office again soon. huft...

xo - ratieh


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Oh My Goodness, I am so sorry... I had chickenpox as a child... Hope your case isn't too bad.. Be careful not to scratch --or you could have some life-long scars... I have heard that taking a bath in baking soda takes out of the itching... Good Luck...

My prayers are with you.

Catherine said...

Chicken Pox? Oh you poor girl! I hope you are not too itchy. I hope you take extra good care of yourself ~ get lots of rest!

xo Catherine

yhosie said...

Get well soon ratih!
dont worry .. it doesnt mean that u have a bad luck ..

u just have to take a rest from ur daily activity...
3 days off !

sound good for me hehehhee

ratieh said...

@all : thanks all. now i'm getting bored with this chickenpox! =P