Jan 11, 2011

Back to Office ^^

Happy ya ya ya..happy ye ye ye.. I'm soooooo happy!!! because today i'm back to office. =) You know that i got chickenpox last week, and i have to take a rest for about 1 week. I'm bored, really really bored! Stayed at home and do nothing. It makes me crazy. hehe.. =P

Yesterday i went to doctor again to check my chickenpox. He said that i would be fine within a few days. Hmm..ok, then I asked him when i can go to office again? He said on Thursday i can go back to office. -____-" noooooooo.... i want to go to office as soon as possible. That's why, today i'm back to office. hehehe..

So, today i'm back to my daily job as a secretary. I'm happy because i can meet all of my friends again. Oh, i'd like to say something to my office mates Dova and Cicilia, who helped to handle all of my job. =) I gave them a bar of chocolate and also this little cute card, created by me. =D

Happy Tuesday and have a great day!

xo - ratieh


HanShinta said...

Hehe..si ibu udah belajar scrapbook-an nih...Have fun yachh =)

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Glad the Chicken Pox is OVER --and that you are back at work.. Hope you continue to feel better and better.

Catherine said...

Glad you are feeling better ratieh! And how sweet of you to bring your office mates a sweet treat.

Have fun back at work!
xo Catherine

Yohan & Diana said...

ratih..cardnya bagus banget. aduh aku jg pengen belajar nih...:) udah sembuh yah tih, good..:)