Jan 23, 2011

Relaxing Sunday

Today i had lunch with Ivan at Soto Ambengan Pak Sadi. It's so delicious! i like it so much, and i want more, more and more...=)

Finished lunch, Ivan went to office. Yeah, on Sunday he has to go to office, it's because he is working as an IT helpdesk and got shifting job. And today he's in evening/second shift. Hmm...i got an idea to go to the salon. I want to have a scalp treatment and body massage. It's sounds great, right? Yups, it was really great! At the salon, i got scalp treatment and full body massage. It makes me feel relax and refresh my mind and body too. =D

Ok, now i'm ready for tomorrow. Because tomorrow i have to go back to office. ^^ And how about you friends? What are you doing today?

xo - ratieh

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