Jan 24, 2011

Body Art Paintings

Today's topic is about art. I like and love to see art, especially dance and paintings. =)

Just found this blog about body art paintings. Well, i think body art paintings is very cool and awesome! You can draw in someone's body, use your creativity and imagination, then you'll get an amazing pictures. Oh, please do not see body art paintings from the porn/negative side, because all of the models are almost nude. But see it from the artistic side. If you like and understand art, then you'll get it. =)

*all pictures are from here
Happy Monday all!! ^^

xo - ratieh


Catherine said...

Those models must have so much patience and be able to keep still for long periods of time. I imagine it takes quite a while to get all painted!!

Happy Monday ratieh!
xo Catherine

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Beautiful art work.... I don't think of it as Porn at all. BUT---I definitely would not want to be one of those models. I'd be itching all over. ha