Jan 13, 2011


Finally i got my shoes! Yesterday my UP shoes arrived at home. It's stella and it's soooooo pretty, i like it so much! =)

I also got a box of small cute chocolate from my Japanese boss. =) it tastes strawberry and it's very yummy!

Happy Thursday!

xo - ratieh


Betsy from Tennessee said...

HI There, Love your red shoes... WOW!!!! And that candy sounds delicious.

Thanks for sharing..

lovelyanci said...

sepatunya gw banget tuh..warnya dan modelnya, andai tidak hamil sudah ta minta ..hihihi..tetep

YHOSIE said...

you'r diana's real UP fans! :D
happy thrusday!

XoXo .. yhosie

ratieh said...

@Betsy : i love it too! ^^ and yes, it's very delicious

@mba Yanci : ya uda, ntar kalo dedek'a uda lahir, langsung beli sepatu kya gt mba =)

@Yhosie : haha..i like her style. i like all of her shoes, so i want to collect them =P