Jan 31, 2011

Her Big Day

Got information from Ivan that his third sister will get married on March 5, 2011. Woooww!! We only have a month to prepare everything. Ok, first thing first is book flight to Dumai. We have to book it earlier, so that we can get cheaper price. hehe..
Book flight, done! Now, it's time to think about wedding dress. Ivan's sister named Amel,  wants to wear Indonesian national dress called Kebaya. Last Saturday, we (me and all of Ivan's sisters) went to Pasar Baru. We bought fabric to be sewn into kebaya. She chose cream for her kebaya. And for me...i got shocking pink! Oh Gosh, it's so eye cathy! i will wear the same color with two of his other sisters.

my kebaya will be like that.
Well, only for color but different model
i'll give you the pic when it's done =)

For the dress..done? Nope! I have to wait until February 27 to see it for the first time and fitting. I hope my kebaya will be just  like what i want. I spent a lot of money for it! -___-" 

Hmm, what's next? I think that's all for now. I'm very happy knowing that Ivan's sister will get married. Congratulation to you sis! =)

Happy Monday all!!

xo - ratieh

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