Jan 20, 2011

My Little Dream

Since i was a little girl, i love to dance, especially Indonesian traditional dance. As we know that Indonesia has so many traditional dance, one of my favorite is Bali dance. The question is..can i do the Bali dance? Nope! haha..

Once, i practiced Bali dance, but it's sooooo difficult! At the first practiced, i feel pain on all of my body, especially on my my waist and thighs. *sigh.. Ok, that's all, i quit! oops, just kidding. hehe =P but it's true, i didn't continue practice Bali dance again. Because the place to practice is sooooo far from my house. -____-"

Well, i decided to find another place nearer to my house. But i haven't found it yet..eeerrrrr..actually didn't look for it. hehe.. Yeah, that's me, i'm a very moody person. Once i really want to practice Bali dance, but then i'll forget it. =P

Now, i'll tell you about Bali dance. One of the easiest for beginner is Pendet dance. I also practiced it at first. For Balinese dancer, Pendet maybe very easy, but for me...it's very difficult. I'll give you some information about Pendet dance below

Indonesia is a cultural paradise, this is proven by the thousands are dancing on this island country. more then one the traditional dances are in various areas Indonesia, one of the famous dance is Pendet from the Bali island. Pendet initially a worship dance that was exhibited in Pure(Hindu temple in Bali, Indonesia). This dance symbolizes the welcoming of the gods fall into the natural world. Along with the times, the Balinese artists change Pendet be “a welcome to the tourist who visit Bali”, but still contains elements of the sacred-religious.

“Pendet” means  a statement of  Bali peoples in the form of ceremonial dances. This dance is feminine, because it’s so requires the movements graceful and dynamic. There are some embedded philosophy to the younger generation (especially the women), young girls follow the movements of the older woman with the intention of the older women are responsible for providing a good example to the younger generation. Later, Pendet dance is claimed by malaysia, dance Pendet already hundreds of years old, is a native dance from Indonesia. Ni Ketut Reneng and I Wayan Rindi in 1950  modify the Pendet as welcoming guests with a special name Pendet Astuti Puja. These modifications consisted dance four dancers as part of the show turistik in Bali Hotel, in 1961 the dance was modified by I Wayan Beratha with five dancers. and in 1962 with 800 Pendet dancers exhibited at the opening of the Asian Games in Jakarta.

The Bali  dances are performed for the purposes of religious ceremony called the Wali dance, while for performances outside Pure called Balih-balihan.

source from here

Maybe one day i'll make my dream come true. Besides being a professional secretary, i wanna be a professional dancer too. Is it possible? Well, nothing is impossible, right? =D

Happy Thusday!

xo - ratieh


YHOSIE said...

wish you a good luck!


ratieh said...

@Yhosie : thank you dear! ^^

Betsy from Tennessee said...

You can do it, Ratieh... Just take some lessons and you'll be able to dance with the professionals.... As YHOSIE said, "Go for it"....


Catherine said...

Never give up on your dreams sweet ratieh!
xo Catherine

Sandra said...

Personally I think nothing is impossible. Those dancers are beautiful and talented. To even want to try such a thing is in itself tremendous. Do it! Stop procrastinating!

putugian said...

Hi Ratieh....
I'm a balinese n I love dance too...soooo much...
I was impressed knowing u love our culture... n I wanna try another dance too :)