Dec 26, 2010

Walking in the Venus Wonderland

Celebrating Christmas with Ivan's family is so fun! We went to Pacific Place and had dinner at Plaza Semanggi. hehe..

Before i show the pictures, i want to tell you that my UP shoes already here!! Actually it came on Friday, and i wore it on Christmas' Eve. =) It's Venus and i looooooveeeee it soooo much!

Happy Sunday and have a great day!

xo - ratieh


Reg said...

i'm glad you had a fun christmas! and it's great you got your shoes just in time :)


Catherine said...

Cute shoes! Looks like you had a fun ~ good for you!

Happy New Year ratieh!
xo Catherine

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi There, Sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas this year. Love the pictures!!!!! Those shoes are fabulous and look so good on you..

Happy New Year.

dsy said...

hi.. happy new year!
venus look good on you!! I've been eyeing on UP shoes, but still can't decide which ones I should order.. they're all cute! :p