Oct 31, 2010


As always, when i visited Diana Rikasari's blog, i found new cute and awesome things. I like her style and how she mix 'n match various clothes and accessories. She is a very creative person =).

Very simple and chic. I heart her dress so much! She got it from Nefertiti, one of fashion online shop. Again..because of my curiosity, i clicked on the link to see what kind of clothes and accessories they have. ^^

Guess what? I bought the same clothes like Diana's and also 2 necklaces. Yay! =) Their delivery is so fast. I ordered it on Thursday and on Saturday afternoon i received the package. Yippiii...

What surprised me is because i got IDR 20.000 voucher from Nefertiti! Whoooaaaaa...Happy to the max! =D

Thank you so much Nefertiti! \(^0^)/


JulianTanoto said...

wow you bought cool stuffs from nefertiti!<3
i love diana's blog too, she's great isn't she?:D

hi girls;)
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mind to drop by here?:D

ratieh said...

hai Julian..yes, absolutetly! Diana has a very great taste in fashion, that's why i adore her so much. ^^

ok, i'll check out your page. ;)