Oct 6, 2010

Farewell & Welcoming

It's been a week since my last post. Don't know why i'm not in the mood for blogging. Sorry for that guys. =)

Last friday, October 1st, i went to my bosses' farewell & dinner party at Dharmawangsa Hotel (well not my real boss actually, but Dova's bosses ^^). So sad that we had to part with both of them. Goodbye Pak Julius..Goodbye Nakamura san.. =( We'll miss you a lot. And oh, welcome to Iguchi san! =)

As usual, i become a guest receiver at the party. -_-" And here is some pics of me taken on the party. Enjoy it! ^^

mba Yeti and me

(l-r) mba Yati, mba Yeti, me & Cicil

with Pak Julius =)

with Nakamura san ^^

with my boss - Mr. Kobayashi

with our President Director - Mr. Hori =D

with all the committee of this farewell & welcoming party.
The guy in the middle, with green batik is Iguchi san, he's Nakamura san's successor. =)

and finally...we closed the party with Poco-poco dance with the Japanese staff! haha..
can you guess which one is me?

after the party, already changed my clothes

It was a very tiring night. But i'm very happy and sad too in the same time. Hope that one day i can meet both of Pak Julius and Nakamura san again. They're very nice person. =D


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