Mar 14, 2011

Her Wedding!

Haa! Finally i can make a post about kak Amel's wedding! Well, it's better late than never, right? =D So, on March 4th i went to Dumai - Sumatera Island, to attend Ivan's sister wedding. The wedding is on Saturday, March 5th, 2011. Dumai is a beautiful town, but it's very very hot! -__-"

I didn't take many photos there. The most i like is i can take a pictures of clouds! Yay! =P Here they are..

On the way to Dumai
Ivan's first sister - Kak Susan  
Ivan's nephew - Deo
l-r : Deo, kak Susan, Ivan
what are you looking at honey? =P
The Wedding Day!
kak Susan and Kak Amel (the married girl) ^^
Me, wearing my shocking pink kebaya! =D
Kak Amel and my lovely Ivan =)
Ivan's niece - Laura (she's soooo cute!)
On the way back to Jakarta

Have a fabulous day all! =D



Catherine said...

What a beautiful wedding! And look at how lovely you are ~ your pink dress is so pretty!

Love your fluffy cloud photos! :)

xo Catherine

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Wow -----what a beautiful wedding and such a great group of HAPPY people. Love that picture of you in your pink... Beautiful!!!!

ratieh said...

@ Catherine and Betsy : thanks! ^^ i love it too. it's a very eye-catchy color, right? =D