Apr 11, 2012

Lately i'm addicted to a game called "Draw Something". If you're an iPhone or Android user, than you can download it from the market. 

I'll explain to you how to play this game. It's so fun! What you have to do is just guess the picture drawn by our opponents, and also draw a picture for our opponents according to the keywords we select.

Let's start the game!

There's only 1 person ready to play, so i chose him to play with me. =)

My opponent this time is JoeCollado.
I have to guess his drawing first.

 Oh, what is it? it's look like a chicken..

and it's an egg?? Yay! i'm correct!

i got 1 coin.

Now it's my turn to draw. I'll choose the easiest => pig

My drawing is pretty good, right? hehe..

It's done! Now I have to wait for JoeCollado to guess my drawing.

What do you think about this game? If you want to play it too, then you can download it on your mobile phone (once again, it's just for iPhone & Android). And i'm ready to play with you! ^^ 

Have a wonderful day!